[Asterisk-Users] Ruggedised IP Phone

Johnson-Perkins, Robert robert.johnson-perkins at uk.nomura.com
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After much searching, I could not find any "Ruggedised IP Phone"'s out of
the box...

I am now looking at using a "Stunning Art Deco" (:-) Dorfone (GBP300) from
This range of speaker entry-phones, sit between your BT line and handsets;
when the buzzer is pushed the handsets ring.
I am guessing that this can be connected to a FXO module on my TDM400P.

My other option, was to cannibalise a broken Cisco 7940, putting the innards
into a cheap entry phone
e.g. stock number 227-7892 from www.rswww.com for GBP50
Connecting up the mic, speaker and one of the speed-dial buttons!
Though, I guess, if this worked, it might make a neat niche product....


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Hi all,

I want to use my * box to control entry to a building.  I was wondering who
else has done this and what phones they might recommend.

The phone itself needs to be externally mounted so will have to be durable.
Functionally I would like it to just dial and extension when picked up.

Any comments on your experiences would be very much appriciated.

Best regards

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