[Asterisk-Users] Polycom IP600 stops to send/receive calls

Russ Beaupre, P.E. russ at botech.net
Tue Jun 29 03:17:35 MST 2004

Jorge Mendoza wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm testing a Polycom IP600.
> With firmware version 1.1 the phone reboots at any time.
> With firmware version 1.2, the first reboot was an endless reboot. Then 
> I moved the phone to another lan port, then it worked fine. Then I 
> installed again in the initial lan port and the phone works well. 
> However after some time of inactivity (1 hour?), the IP600 stops to send 
> and receive calls. After a reboot is works fine again.
> We have a * box with many BT101 and softphones working for months 
> without any problem.
> I'm missing something? it is a bad config file? or it is a phone bug?

We had one do the same thing.  Changing the registration timeout in the 
phone.cfg file down to 20 seems to have fixed the problem.


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