[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk on 64 bit... and testing e164.org

Mike Taht mike at taht.net
Sun Jun 27 12:55:18 MST 2004

Dear Duane:

Thanks for the steer (presently I route calls to 1800 via iaxtel, but 
I'll turn that off for that test)

I came up with a thought for an interesting e164 service last night - 
distributed custom ringtones, and custom announcements on a callerid 
lookup via enum. You'd be able to embed a

RINGTONE - an url pointing to either a ringtone definition or a wav file 
that contains (for example) a small part of beethoven's fifth
ANNOUNCEMENT - a similar url, pointing back to my server - me saying 
"Mike Taht"
VCARD - same

Add an asterisk agi to do the reverse lookup via enum, play the 
announcement "Mike Taht" + "is calling" - pushed into my icecast server 
- hmm

I just got on the e164 list and into this new level of technology, so I 
obviously have some catching up to do, and should just probably forward 
weird ideas like this to that list once I'm certified sane and caught up 
with reality.

I am curious if e164 will do dns delegation so that I could run my own 
dns for my enum subdomain (which, among other things, would let me play 
around with wierd ideas like this, and also allow split dns, so that 
calls from inside my firewall to my numbers would route to my pbx more 

and so on...

have a good conference!

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