[Asterisk-Users] Why? oh why can't I dial out?

Vassilis Konstantinou vassilis_konstantinou at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 27 09:25:56 MST 2004

Thanks for the reply Greg,

The definition for the console is

;CONSOLE=Console/dsp                            ; Console interface for demo

so if I am mistaken I have commented out the dsp and I am using Zap/1 the 
X100P card. Is this ok?

the clock is 123 so dialing 9123 should get me there.

Best regards


At 17:12 27/06/2004, you wrote:

>So, assuming that calls from your SIP device are in the same context as
>the above extensions, all extensions beginning with a 9 should be dialled
>on ${CONSOLE}. On my box, ${CONSOLE}=console/dsp... the sound card. Is
>yours set to something similar (or is it really set to dial the zap
>Not being from the UK myself, I don't know whether the clock's number is
>123 or 9123. If it's 9123, then you should be dialing 99123 in order to
>get through your dialplan with the 9123 still intact to send to the PSTN.
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