[Asterisk-Users] Multiple X100P in Asterisk box?

Yiannis Costopoulos, Web2Net Solutions Ltd. yiannis at w2ns.com
Sun Jun 27 08:10:30 MST 2004


	I am the "IT guy" at a small startup based in UK. At the moment we have 3
analogue (PSTN) lines and we will be adding another 2 or 3 soon. Later on we
should be changing to ISDN30.

	One of the partners mentioned getting an analogue PBX now, and when we move
to ISDN, then get a digital PBX. I though of Asterisk. I have seen the
website in the past and I know that it can do the job (even better than a

	I need to know, is it possible to have multiple X100P (5 or 6) cards in the
same Asterisk box? What phones should I use in the office? Any suggestions?
Are soft phones reliable enough on Windows PC's for a small
call-centre/telesales department (5-6 stations)?


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