[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk on 64bit ?

Michael Sandee ms at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Jun 27 00:34:32 MST 2004

When you are asking these questions I doubt you are ready to build a 
system like that... but anyway.

Yes it works, in theory... (You *might* run into some hardcoded limits 
but they are usually easy to fix)

It'll be really interesting to see 15000 registrations on one server... 
Just a small piece of advice... try using more and (physically) 
distributed servers.
There are basicly 1000 ways to solve this and each member of this list 
will have his own ideas... but I am pretty sure you just proposed the 
worst option ;)

Hans-Henrik Andresen wrote:

>A'm about to set up a asterisk for 5000 users, and the customer had a 64bit
>server - can asterisk compile on that ? I will use a digium X100P for timing
>use will that do on a 64bit ? (I'm using SUSE91 kernel 2.6)
>What else ? Is it posible to have only one server for 5000 users ? I gues
>that it will be 5-700 sim. users only talking sip, and IAX2 to my
>The system is suposed to scale to 15000 users.
>I'm ready to receive input :)
>/Hans-Henrik Andresen
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