[Asterisk-Users] Asterisks RTP source address binding

Marc Spiegelman marc at itu.net
Fri Jun 25 13:16:35 MST 2004

The question:

Is it possible to change the RTP binding address?

If no, does anyone have any ideas how to work around the problem?  


The network:




                        < Asterisk >


                        < Iptables  >

                               | \ Dynamic IP Address




                               | / Static IP Address

                        <Cisco Router>




I am trying to get * to work on a Firewall/Nat router.  Since the
Internet side of the Asterisk/Router is dynamic, I tunnel all internal
traffic across the VPN and switched the SIP binding addresses on both
Asterisk (in sip.conf) and Cisco to the internal interfaces to force the
traffic through the VPN.  I can place a call from both sides OK but I
can only hear voice originating from the Cisco.  From some network
sniffing it appears RTP traffic from Asterisk is using the external
address so it doesn't make it inside the VPN.



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