[Asterisk-Users] Polycom IP 500 - Quality Issues

Brent Franks mwless at mindworks.net
Fri Jun 25 09:50:27 MST 2004


	We have 15 Soundpoint IP 500 phones and recently call quality has
deteriorated.  On some calls there is a static-buzzing of sorts that
occurs when users talk.  It can be picked up on SIP-SIP calls and
SIP-ZAPTEL (Channel BANK<<-T100P).  It basically sounds really weird
whenever someone talks, it sounds like a bee buzzing or something.  Very
hard to explain.  Also, there will be echo on internal calls. We were not
having any call quality issues with internal calls until recently.  Upon
inspection of the network, there isn't a virus or anything bogging down

Additionally, the network is switched 100Mbps with a Gig port to our
Asterisk Server.  The Gig Ethernet card in the server is connected to the
switch at 1000mbps.

Any one know what other areas I can pursue?


- Brent

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