[Asterisk-Users] forced ring on dial?

Bruce Komito brucek at bagel.com
Fri Jun 25 07:52:23 MST 2004

I am routing outgoing calls through a sip gateway.  The calls go through
no problem, however the ringing in the callers ear begins as soon as the
last digit is dialed.  This has two nasty side effects.  First, the caller
hears 1-2 more rings than the callee.  Second, and more importantly, if
the callee's line is busy, the caller continues to get hear ringing, even
though the gateway has returned a busy indication.

The whole problem seems to be * is not waiting for the proper call
progress signal from the sip gateway before giving the caller a ring
indication.  Is there any way to control this so that * waits for call
progress from the gateway before giving the caller the appropriate
indication, i.e., ring or busy tone?  I have been told this is a result of
setting * to "forced ring" and this should be turned off, but of course,
on * it is probably called something else.


Bruce Komito
High Sierra Networks, Inc.
(775) 236-5815

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