[Asterisk-Users] X101P on a UK BT line ---- txgain issue

Whisker, Peter Peter.Whisker at logicacmg.com
Fri Jun 25 07:00:12 MST 2004

I get a problem with what appears to be a slow oscillation on the line if
the rxgain + txgain adds up to more than -1db. If I use rxgain=-1.0 and
txgain=0.0, it doesn't oscillate but the levels are far too low. The card is
an X100P.

The oscillation (even on the standard built-in Asterisk echo test) comes
over as a loud hiss and crackle at about 1-2 per second making the line

I have tried the settings below and it is dreadful.

Any ideas? I am using yesterday's CVS Head.


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Subject: RE: [Asterisk-Users] X101P on a UK BT line ---- txgain issue

> I am finding that I have to increase the txgain in zapata.conf to 8 when
> my X101P is connected to my BT phone line, otherwise people can hardly
> hear me. This then gives echo issues.

Im having the same issue so far im on rxgain=2.0 and txgain=6.0.  Seems to
work perfectly apart from the echo issue.  Im just about to checkout the
latest cvs and apply the echotraining=800

Kind Regards,
Chris Bond

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