[Asterisk-Users] Latest CVS, Grandstream and Zaptel bug?

Shaun Ewing sewing at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 04:07:49 MST 2004

Have you upgraded the firmware on the Grandstream phones?

I had the same problem on newly purchased Grandstreams until I
upgraded the firmware (currently using

Another thing I had to do to get ringing indications, etc. working on
my Grandstream was:

- Create a separate context for the Grandstream phones. For example,
if I had [cos-idd], I would create [cos-idd-grandstream] and in this,

exten => _.,1,Answer
exten => _.,2,ResetCDR
exten => _.,3,Goto(cos-idd,${EXTEN},1)

The ResetCDR part is required so that the CDR doesn't log "ANSWERED"
for every call.

That fixed my problems regarding ringing.

Hope that helps.



On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:40:39 +1000, Andrew Yager <andrew at rwts.com.au> wrote:
> Already set.
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