[Asterisk-Users] host=dynamic vs host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Greg Hill gregh-asterisk at hillnet.us
Thu Jun 24 14:34:35 MST 2004

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Matt wrote:

> 	NOTICE[-1147675728]: Peer '004' is trying to register, but not
> configured as host=dynamic
> from all the phones I've set as host=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

It sounds like * is letting you know that it got a registration attempt
where none was expected.. Have you tried to configure the phone to not
register to *? I'm not familiar with your phone, and that may or may not
even be possible.

Failing that, maybe you could set the phone to register more frequently
and set * to use a longer expiration time on that peer. If the expiration
time were 2-3 times longer than the re-register time, then multiple
register attempts could be lost without losing connectivity.


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