[Asterisk-Users] ZyXEL Prestige 2000W and DTMF

Dominique Kull atlantic at taridium.net
Thu Jun 24 04:56:52 MST 2004

I have tested the exact same config, but had no luck. I managed to get 
it going with some different settings on the phone, though.

ZyXEL settings:

DTMF RELAY inband(RFC2833) ??
DTMF Payload 101 ??

for the sip.conf (same as Giles apart from forcing g.729)

callerid="Vintage Cell Phone" <400>

It is all a bit confusing regarding what is inband and outband on the 
phone. I am also not sure about DTMF Payload type... but it seems to 
work ok.


Giles Scott wrote:

> Hi,
> With my config (as posted this morning) DTMF works.
> I can log onto voicemail by selecting a mailbox number and password
> Giles
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> Subject: [Asterisk-Users] ZyXEL Prestige 2000W and DTMF
>>I've just seen this post:
>>and it took me back to play again with my dust collecting 2000W. Does 
>>anybody got DTMF to work?
>>My sip.conf looks like this:
>>My phone is set to use DTMF 'outband'
>>any ideas?
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