[Asterisk-Users] Anonymity and Privacy headers

Manuel Wenger manuel.wenger at ticinocom.com
Thu Jun 24 04:35:30 MST 2004

When a user calling over the PSTN network calls one of our SIP users with a restricted number (CLIR), our PSTN gateway is sending us incoming calls with the following additional headers:

Proxy-Require: privacy
Anonymity: uri
Remote-Party-ID: <sip:41781234567 at>;privacy=uri

as opposed to

Remote-Party-ID: <sip:41781234567 at>;privacy=off

when CLIP is enabled (thus CLIR is disabled).

Any ideas on how I can tell asterisk to process one (or more) of these headers, and strip the CLI before sending the call out to our SIP users, in case it is restricted? I have searched the Wiki and read the chan_sip.c source code, but didn't find anything useful...


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