[Asterisk-Users] Swissvoice ip10s

Florian Overkamp florian at obsimref.com
Thu Jun 24 00:33:35 MST 2004


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> I've noticed quite a few posts on the list about the swiss 
> voice ip10s phone. We recently purchased a few of these 
> phones and have had no luck getting the services button to 
> work any ideas? are the example .cfg files for this phone? 
> any idea when sip firmware is coming? Any help/info would be great.

SIP firmware is currently being tested, there are a few issues that need to
be resolved.

For your MGCP phone: configip10.cfg can be altered to add services:

set features new 1 "Transfer" NOINFO NOCONF TRUE NOSEQ
set features new 2 "Operator" NOINFO NOCONF FALSE <extension of your

And then:

set service_state IDLE NEW 2
set service_state ONE_ACTIVE_LINE NEW 1

This will add two services:

In idle state: An operator button that speeddials your secretary (who can
connect you through ;-)
In conversation: A Transfer button that hookflashes and gives a dialtone
(There were some issues with that, and I have just now been asked by mark to
verify if they have been resolved).


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