[Asterisk-Users] false hangups

Ryan Courtnage ryan at voxbox.ca
Thu Jun 24 00:10:42 MST 2004


We are using a TDM400p with 4 FXOs and SIP phones in a high call-volume 
environment.  At least twice a day there are complaints of  'dropped calls'.  

Examining the debug logs, I see that in each case, an "on hook" event is 
detected, followed by the zap channel being hung-up and * saying "BYE" to the 
sip phone:

	Jun 23 14:17:22 DEBUG[2441232]: Exception on 22, channel 1
	Jun 23 14:17:22 DEBUG[2441232]: Got event On hook(1) on channel 1 (index 0)

We are using fxs_ks, and neither 'callprogress' nor 'busydetect 'are being 

What could possibly signal these hangups?  

On each of the incoming analog lines, there are splitters to unused analog 
phones ('bat-phones' .. just in case) ... is it possible that this is the 
source of the problem?

Zaptel from 2004.06.14 CVS.
Asterisk from 2004.06.02 CVS

Thank you
Ryan Courtnage
Coalescent Systems
ryan at voxbox.ca

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