[Asterisk-Users] Failover of IAX or Spillover as the case may be

steve at daviesfam.org steve at daviesfam.org
Wed Jun 23 08:57:36 MST 2004

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

> On Wednesday 23 June 2004 06:01, Philipp von Klitzing wrote:
> > Secondly you could also use the exit codes of Dial() for failover action,
> > but better prevent the necessity for that with the help of SetGroup().
> IAX2 does not return the disconnect cause from the far end; this is necessary 
> in cases where the provider accepts connections but is having PSTN 
> connectivity issues of their own; Dial() jumps to n+101 but you don't know if 
> the number you were calling was actually busy or if there were problems, so 
> your only choice is to try dialing them again with another provider.

Why don't you put that on bugs.digium.com - perhaps someone will implement 


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