[Asterisk-Users] Two SIP servers communicating without IAX

Alex Malinovich alex at golden-tech.com
Wed Jun 23 07:26:26 MST 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 05:01, Philipp von Klitzing wrote:
> > If I call from an Asterisk phone to an MX250 phone, I can talk FROM the
> > MX250 phone TO the Asterisk phone, but not the other way around. In
> > other words, the Asterisk phone will hear everything that is said from
> > the MX250 phone, but if I say anything on the Asterisk phone the MX250
> > phone never gets it.
> Look at your codec configuration (disallow=all followed byallow= 
> statements). Do a "SIP DEBUG" on the Asterisk CLI to learn more about the 
> codec negotiation before/during a call. Finally check your phones VAD/ 
> silence suppression settings, make sure those are turned off.

That took care of it. I added a disallow=all followed by an allow=ulaw
and it worked fine. What's strange is that I had manually set the codec
on the phone earlier to use ulaw, but it didn't appear to want to
listen. Forcing it via sip.conf took care of the problem. Thanks a lot
for the help.

Alex Malinovich
Golden Technologies, Inc.
(219) 462-7200 x 216
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