[Asterisk-Users] Busy message

Nicolas Gudino nicolas at house.com.ar
Wed Jun 23 06:13:22 MST 2004

Hi Keith

Keith Waters wrote:

>>There are other users running the latest CVS-HEAD reporting that problem 
>>(asterisk segfaults when unable to create channel). Maybe you have to 
>>revert to a previous version till the bug is fixed. ( cvs -D )
> OK, thanks, will try that (btw, cvs -D is an invalid command)

'cvs -D' is incomplete, you have to specify the date of the version you 
are requesting after the 'D'. Anyways, it seems that the problem is 
fixed on CVS. Do a 'cvs update'

Nicolas Gudino
House Internet S.R.L.
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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