[Asterisk-Users] Busy message and extensions are hanging.

Kanuri, Seshu seshu.kanuri at citigroup.com
Wed Jun 23 06:06:11 MST 2004


1) I have modified the original sip.conf and extension.conf file instead of writing mine. This looks like a mistake.

2)I have fired off Asterisk Extensions conf with 2 extensions i.e 2000 and 2001 and made one test call.
I forgot to set a time out. The calls between these two extensions were partially successful. 

After writing my own files, it started working. I went through following steps...

1. Dialed with 2000 as user and password same as user.

2. It logged into the server.

3. When I dialed for 2001, it went to voicemail box and asked me to drop message as the 2001 was offline.

4. But when I changed username and password from the same system... its not allowing me to test the system .

5. It has cached all the entries which I am unable to remove.

But now the problem is that these two extensions are still waiting and I do not know how to kill them.

Please guide me to remove these entries as I have tried by restarting SER and ASTERISK servers.

Can somebody help?

Seshu Kanuri

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Eric Wieling [eric at fnords.org] wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-06-22 at 18:43, Simon Brown wrote:
>> This should be listed as a bug - it is not logical to go to busy,
>> when in fact the extension is unavailable.
> I think the whole idea of "busy" or "unavailable" is flawed.
> Asterisk sets ${CAUSECODE} with the cause of the call being
> cleared.  You can use this to determine what you want to do.
> For exmaple if the cause code indicates "unallocated" then
> you should give the caller some indication that they number
> they dialed is disconnected or no longer in service.
> I think I posed an example of how I handle this.  Check the archives.

What would the contents of CAUSECODE be when set?  I can't find
documentation of this anywhere.

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