[Asterisk-Users] VoiceXML support and integration

Florian Overkamp florian at obsimref.com
Tue Jun 22 02:48:58 MST 2004


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> VoiceXML support would be great, but I know of any active work on it. 
> openVXI seems to have spri=ung to life again recently, after years of 
> languishing. Perhaps it would form a sound base to get 
> VoiceXML up and 
> running in a reasonable time.

> > Do any of you know what the status is for VoiceXML support 
> in * ? Is 
> > it already existing, or is it planned for the future? If 
> it's not in 
> > now, do you know on what type of scale the work would be to 
> integrate 
> > VXML into * ?

I have understood that an indian company called 'Phonologies' has made a
commecial, closed source solution to do this. I have had some people
research the needed steps but got no further due to lack of funding.

See also: http://www.phonologies.com/


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