[Asterisk-Users] Sipura config

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Mon Jun 21 00:08:56 MST 2004

Jay Milk wrote:
> This question isn't entirely Asterisk related, but I'm hoping that
> someone here may have the knowledge to respond to me anyway.  I'm
> using Asterisk with several Sipura SPA-2000 SIP devices as FXS
> adapters.  I would like to have my SPA's automatically provisioned
> through http or tftp, but I can't find any information on how to do
> so.  Sipura's tech-support has not been very helpful in this matter,
> and I didn't purchase my Sipuras through an authorized retailer
> (once's from a VOIP provider, a couple from ebay, etc).  Does anyone
> here have configuration information he/she could forward to me?      

Which firmware version are you using?

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