[Asterisk-Users] Need guides on setting up PDA on asterisk server

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Sun Jun 20 23:08:29 MST 2004

> He says he will release the sourcecode when he gets to a "stable"
> working release.

He said the same to me, almost a month ago before his holiday ...

However, I confess that QtIAX didn't come forward during this month either 

> Do you think your QtIAX client will run on a 206MHz StrongARM
> processor?

Probably. Just keep in mind that my embedded target is using Qt 3.x, not 
Qt 2.x.

The real question is if I can get rid of all floating point. Both my 
target (Intel PXA255, 400 MHz) and your (Intel StrongARM, 206 MHz) don't 
have a copro, so we need to do all of our math with either integers or 
fixed point arithmetic. As a step into this direction I deleted quite a 
bunch of the iaxclient stuff, e.g. most of the echo cancellation code. I 
even thought about getting rid of iaxclient completely and using libiax2 

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