[Asterisk-Users] Date Time Stamp with Caller ID

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sun Jun 20 08:13:38 MST 2004

Kubat, Philip [pkubat at kubat.com] wrote:
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> Where does the date/time stamp from Caller ID come from?  On my
> extensions ATA188 and IAX2 soft phone the caller id date / time is 12/30
> 12:00AM.  The Linux time is correct.  SayUnixTime return the correct
> time.  
My phones have a built-in clock.  The Cisco 7960s are configured to
take their time from a NTP server.  I have a couple of portable DECT
phones connected to a Sipura SPA-2000.  The phones allow the time to
be set from within the setup menu, and the Sipura uses our local NTP

Check whether your phones have a clock.  All of mine do in one way or
another, so I always get the correct time associated with the
Caller*ID notices.

It's possible that the time/date is also encoded into the Caller*ID
signal.  I haven't had cause to look into that.  It's possible that
the DECT phones ignore the local time and use the time provided by the
Sipura (if the Caller*ID signal does indeed supply this information).
Again, I haven't had cause to look into that.

Check whether your ATA device can be configured to use a NTP server.
Also check whether your soft phone, and the phone connected to your
ATA, has a clock you can set.

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