[Asterisk-Users] app_prepaid NAT issue

Brian Rathman brian at ilk.com
Fri Jun 18 15:03:07 MST 2004

I was able to get app_prepaid working, but unfortunately I am getting one
way audio on the phone that I was placing the call from. It is behind NAT.
It appears that the app_prepaid is not taking this into consideration since
I see:

Jun 18 17:46:25 DEBUG[1133742896]: chan_sip.c:4130 build_route: build_route:
Contact hop: <sip:7708183799 at;line=jet7pbic>
Jun 18 17:46:25 DEBUG[1192491824]: rtp.c:1406 ast_rtp_bridge: Oooh,
'SIP/7708183799-8d6d' changed end address to (format 6)
Jun 18 17:46:25 DEBUG[1192491824]: rtp.c:1408 ast_rtp_bridge: Oooh,
'SIP/7708183799-8d6d' was 6)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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