[Asterisk-Users] Re: Grandstreams randomly go busy with Asterisk?

Jon Radon jonrlists at comcast.net
Fri Jun 18 14:23:42 MST 2004

If you read the wiki... disabling "subscribe to MWI" should fix this
problem.. it did for me.

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Kyle Hagan wrote:

> Brian Buhrow wrote:
>>     Hello.  I've seen this behavior.  What happens is that the
>> Grandstreams forget to continue registering with Asterisk after a
>> while.  I
>> bet when you find this happening, that sip show peers doesn't show
>> ext/ext
>> ip address for the one that isn't working.
>>     You can work around the problem by explicitly telling Asterisk how to
>> dial the GS by giving it an explicit IP address in its sip.conf extension
>> entry.  Alternatively, you can upgrade the Grandstream to a newer load of
>> firmware.  I'm running on my HT286, and it seems to behave much
>> better.
>>     I got my firmware load from:
>> http://www.voiptalk.org/products/download/
>> They seem to have, and, but not anymore.
>> Hope that helps.
>> -Brian
> I have version in my GS and still does the same thing. But have
> not setup the IP address in SIP.conf I would like them to be dynamic.

What a scream! Hasn't GS removed the "Don't Register" option on the software? If it still has
amnesia about registering, this is a real "coup".

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