R: [Asterisk-Users] Thousands of contexts?

Manuel Wenger manuel.wenger at ticinocom.com
Fri Jun 18 13:14:38 MST 2004

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Da: Kevin Walsh [mailto:kevin at cursor.biz] 
> I don't quite understand your Caller*ID dilemma.
> In your sip.conf, you'd have a block for each user, say [abc123]. 
> That's your random username, yes?  The same block would also 
> define the password and other directives.  Why can't you simply
> include the "callerid" directive to set the Caller*ID name and number?

You are right, of course... I "forgot" about the "callerid" directive and was looking at an impossible solution. Sorry about that... Guess I'm too tired today :-)


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