[Asterisk-Users] Thousands of contexts?

Chris Bond chris at logics.co.uk
Fri Jun 18 10:46:52 MST 2004

Why not use mysql as it should be faster I'd suspect

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By reading the Wiki's I found out that an Asterisk server with many (>10000)
extensions and/or SIP users can become slow when reloading. But what happens
when you also have many contexts in extensions.conf? More precisely, one
context for each SIP user?

I need this because I will have users with random usernames that they can
choose, but I obviously cannot set that username as the outgoing caller ID
when passing the call to our PSTN gateway. I need to change the CLI before
dialling out. Now, every SIP user has his CLI, so I thought of creating a
context for every user, where I would SetCallerID() before issuing the
Dial() command. Obviously I would use some sort of script reading from a
database to re-create the extensions.conf and sip.conf after making changes.

Do you see any issues which could arise? Is Asterisk going to crash, or is
it just going to be slow when reloading?

Thank you for your help

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