[Asterisk-Users] TE410P / Eicon PRI

Klaus-Peter Junghanns kpj at junghanns.net
Fri Jun 18 09:11:13 MST 2004

Am Fr, 2004-06-18 um 17.53 schrieb Andrew Kohlsmith:
> > better send the EUR 10k (not $10k... :)  ) to the author of spandDSP.
> > Nobody needs HylaFAX for receiving faxes. Converting a tiff to pdf and
> > storing it somewhere is not rocket science. ;)
> Incorrect.  I've been unable to get spandsp operating consistently with 
> Slackware 9.1 and libtiff 3.6.0.  Some faxes receive great, some are 
> completely corrupted and the biggest problem is that some (most) fax 
> reception segfaults asterisk.  :-(
Of course your mileage may vary. :)
Levon, can you shed some light on this please. :)

Lots of people have different problems with open source products that
are under heavy development. But usually there is always somebody
providing commercial support for it (sometimes even for free).

And if you experience problems like segfaults or corrupted faxes it
is always a good idea to report this to the developer, so the quality
of the product can increase. Participate. :-)

best regards


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