[Asterisk-Users] Re: SJphone regestration problem - Help!

ruixun wu ruixunwu at yahoo.ca
Fri Jun 18 07:56:39 MST 2004

Gonzalo Gasca wrote:
> Create the profile
> And a new windows appears:
> Profile name
> File name
> Profile type Calls through SIP proxy 
> Then in SIP proxy, 
> click the sip proxy option
> enter the Ip address of the proxy domain port
> user domain
> and proxy for nat and also the port (5060)
> be sure u have the sip.conf file correct
> Otherwise try to reinstall it

Ty Purcell wrote:
> Edit the profile, and on the "Initialization" tab
and make sure the "Inquired"
> box is checked by the fields you listed above. (Mine
also has all of the other
> boxes checked under saved and required.) 

Thank Gonzlo Gasca and Ty Purcell very much!  It does
work. I can enter 
the server IP address now and I can do further test
with Asterisk and 
SJphone. Thank for you help again.


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