[Asterisk-Users] Asterisk and CISCO Gateway

Martin Gebhard ( A+G connect GmbH ) mgebhard at AplusG.de
Fri Jun 18 03:52:58 MST 2004


I have the following structure

			  SIP			             H323 (chan_h323)
	SIP Phone ------------------------> Asterisk/H323 ------------------------------------------->
											 CISCO Gateway (CISCO 2610/NM2V-VIC-2BRI) -------------------------> ISDN
	SCCP Phone --------------------> CISCO CCM V3.3 -------------------------------------->
			SCCP				H323

I have the following problem:

Call from SIP to SCCP and from SCCP to SIP over H323 works fine. When I phone from SIP to an ISDN Phone (extern) the call is received but no voice is available after pickup. The Asterisk Server works as h323 Gateway. The Trace shows that packages are sendet from the SIP - Phone to Asterisk and from the CISCO Gateway to Asterisk. But the Asterisk doesn't pass the rtp - packages in both directions (not to the Phone and not to the Gateway).

Can anyone help ?

Thanks Martin Gebhard

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