[Asterisk-Users] Poopy errors on quad wcfxo

Matteo Brancaleoni mbrancaleoni at espia.it
Fri Jun 18 01:06:10 MST 2004

Hi all,

I'm experiencing problems with the TDM card
with 4 fxo modules. on all tests,
if the cards has 4 modules, I get
"poopy" kernel messages on the card.
The card works for sometime,then hangs
and a asterisk restart must be done,
along with kern modules unload/reload .

if I remove the first module, the card
works without problems at all on the
remaining 3 modules.

using latest zaptel cvs.

anyone is experiencing that or have
a workaround ?

thanks a lot,


Matteo Brancaleoni <mbrancaleoni at espia.it>
Espia - Emmegi Srl

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