[Asterisk-Users] Port numbers for traffic shaping

Michael Graves mgraves at mstvp.com
Thu Jun 17 08:36:29 MST 2004

Hello All,

I'm not certain that I have my firewall setup to perform traffic
shaping correctly for *. I'm using a m0n0wall running on a Soekris 4501
platform. I have traffic shaping set to provide IAX port 4569 with
priority outbound access from LAN to WAN. All other outbound access is
lower priority. This should in theory accomodate my ADSL connection
which is 1.5 Mbps inbound but only 386 kbps outbound.

When I type IAX2 SHOW REGISTRY I see something like the following:

server1.ip:4569  account1name  my.server.ip:8617         60  Registered
server2.ip:4569  account2name  my.server.ip:8617         60  Registered
server3.ip:4569  account3name  my.server.ip:8617         60  Registered
server4.ip:4569  account4name  my.server.ip:8617         60  Registered

....which reflect the 4 IAX termination provider that I use. I'm
puzzled however by the reference to port 8617. I am presently shaping
specifically with reference to 4569 only. Should I be allowing another
port as well? I had chosen IAX termination as a means to not have the
entire range of SIP and RTP ports open.

Also, where does this other port get defined. Can I nail it down so
that I can tweak my router to shape the same ports all the time?


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