[Asterisk-Users] LDAP synchronization script

Jeremy Jones jjones at westcomllc.com
Thu Jun 17 03:23:41 MST 2004

> David Hajek
> Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 2:41 AM
> To: asterisk-users at lists.digium.com
> Subject: [Asterisk-Users] LDAP synchronization script
> Hello,
> I understand there's no possibility to have asterisk configuration
> (sipusers, extensions, voicemail) in LDAP right now. I'm thinking
> about put the (sipusers, extensions, voicemail) info in LDAP 
> and then run
> some synchronization script on the asterisk server which will build up
> appropriate configuration files and reload asterisk.
> I'm sure this script is already around. Can some share one with me/us?

Not aware of any scripts like that, but...
you could use the odbc support in asterisk in conjunction with some
slick odbc-ldap connectivity.

Jeremy Jones

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