[Asterisk-Users] Failed to authenticate on INVITE

Jason Williams jason at redskycomputing.co.uk
Thu Jun 17 02:17:54 MST 2004

At 16:49 16/06/2004 -0400, Eric wrote:
>I upgraded my two asterisk boxes today to the latest cvs (up from 5/3/04).
>These two boxes talk to eachother via sip, not iax.  Since the upgrade, I
>get the error "Failed to authenticate on INVITE" trying to make calls to/from
>either box.  Removing the secret from each box's sip config seems to work but
>is utterly braindead.

include the line in sip.conf for each user the call

insecure=yes                   ; To match a peer based by IP address only 
and not peer

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