[Asterisk-Users] pri with TE410P not working (Austria)

Wolfgang Pichler madmin at dialog-telekom.at
Thu Jun 17 02:11:37 MST 2004

Am Do, den 17.06.2004 schrieb Peter Svensson um 10:38:
> On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, Wolfgang Pichler wrote:
> > > Are you sure the cables are correct? 
> > > Have you set the jumpers on the card to E1 and not left them on T1?
> > The jumpers are on E1 - the cables should be ok (they are working with
> > other hardware) - and the card is directly connected to a simens ULAF+
> > STU Desktop (can't really find much information about this device on the
> > net) - which turns off a red led when i load the driver and do a ztcfg.
> Then the tx (from TE410P to the Siemens equipment) circuit is ok but the 
> rx may not be.
but the same cable works great with an other hardware (a Parlay i60)
> > > I think the leds should turn green when the card senses a correct carrier
> > > and framing on the lines.
> > green is always a wounderful color ;-)
> > 
> > so, what else could cause this ?
> I'd try to find out if the cable is wired the way the TE410P expects it to 
> be. Do you know the pinout of both ends of the cables? RX (from the TE410P 
> point of view) should be on the pins 1-2 at the TE410P end and TX on 4-5.
would be a great thing if you can find something more than i found

best regards

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