[Asterisk-Users] limitations ?

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 16 14:10:29 MST 2004

If you take a look at http://sipp.sourceforge.net/ there is a utility 
which claim to check the SIP performance of the specific system. (btw 
don't try this on a target number which has voicemail, then the test 
becomes a bit subjective ;)

I see asterisk more and more as real cool pbx with features instead of a 
dumb switching board. If someone can tell when * shouldn't be used as a 
single box solution, but as a group of products (SER, Vocal, Asterisk, 
Gatekeeper etc.) and print that in a chart would be good for the VoIP 


Harold Workman wrote:
> hi,
> im looking at deploying asterisk in a small corporate enviroment which will
> have approx. 1200 IP Phones and an average of about 100 to 200 calls at any
> given time.   The calls will be sent out  SIP to my Cisco Gateway.  Im
> running Asterisk on a Dell Dual P3 1.2ghz running Fedora.   Is there a
> calculator or a spreadsheet which could tell me about how many calls I will
> be able to make through * ?
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