[Asterisk-Users] Status-info 1: Signalling C7 / SS7

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Wed Jun 16 10:28:10 MST 2004

Roger Schreiter wrote:
> Senad Jordanovic schrieb:
> ...
>> Are you aware of bounties posted to get SS7 working with  *? If not
>> look at http://bugs.diuim.com .
> ...
> No, I'm not.
> Unfortunately, the link you mention, does not work.
> I tried http://bugs.digium.com and found a login form.
> I logged in with "anonymous" and looked around, searched
> some keywords, but did not find anything matching your
> message.
> Please tell me more hints about what you are writing!
> Thank you!
> Roger.

Sorry, I do not where exactly it is!
I do know it was offered this or last month.

Search this and last months threads for "ss7" "bounty" etc.
I think total offered was about $4K so far :)


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