[Asterisk-Users] Status-info 1: Signalling C7 / SS7

Roger Schreiter roger at planinternet.de
Wed Jun 16 08:15:29 MST 2004


one month ago, I announced, that I will look at the openss7
project in order to use it together with asterisk.

It took a while for me to check the capabilities
of and around the project. Since the openss7 project consists
of only one person, and when there was just silence for a long
time in the project's mailing list, I doubted, whether
it was a good idea to consider using openss7.

In the meanwhile I think, one could use openss7 for
asterisk, but just ignoring the stalled asterisk
project inside the openss7 project.

I would prefer a project chan_openss7 inside
the asterisk project. O.k. but that's still some
weeks to go.

I bought a new computer for that purpose, I will buy
one of the cards offered by "openss7.com" (the main
sponsor of openss7.org) and then figure out by myself,
if it could serve for an asterisk-chan_openss7-project.

If openss7 won't succeed within some weeks, I've already
taken into account an aculab card or an interspan card
as alternatives - both manufactures offer APIs which should
allow to build channel drivers for asterisk.

Ok, that's the status for now. I will let you know interesting
news or at least a new status info in about a month.


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