[Asterisk-Users] Digium X100P vs Dodgy Ebay X100P

Kannaiyan Natesan nkans at speak2world.com
Wed Jun 16 03:40:30 MST 2004

I'm using both for the past one year.
Facing Obsolutely *ZERO PROBLEMS* on both.

As a matter of fact I always like to spend less money.

I don't mind whether you put a DSP chip or no chips.

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> Hi
> I thought this might be of general interest.
> Recently I purchased an X100P from a Digium reseller in the UK.  Very
> pleased with the card; works perfectly.  My friend (known for his deep
> pockets and short arms) purchased an X100P card from Ebay.  He's had no
> of problems with line noise, dropped called etc so I thought I would
> the two cards.  Plus mine was delivered within two days his to three
> I mention a main chip I'm not an electrical engineer but I assume its some
> kind of DSP chip.....
> Dodgy Ebay X100P - Smaller form factor with shorter than "normal" PCI Pins
> (by "normal" I'm comparing it to the Adaptec SCSI card I have in the
> and an Intel Pro 100 network card).  No heat sink on main (DSP??) chip.
> Chip details removed from silicon chip covers.  Claims to be FCC compliant
> but doesn't mention which parts of the rules or a registration number.
> a TUV Rheinland Product Saftey logo.
> Digium X100P - Larger form factor with longer PCI Pins.  Heat sink on main
> (DSP??) chip.  Chips have all marking intact.  Bears an FCC & CE logo and
> quote the relevant rules.  It's supported! :-)
> Next using an infrared heat gun I checked the running temperatures of the
> main (DSP??) chips on both cards after 1 hour of continued use.
> Room temp: 30 degrees Celcius
> X100P: 30 degrees
> Dodgy Ebay: 47 degrees
> With regards to reliability and performance I've had no problems (after my
> initial typo's and lack of understanding were overcome); my friend has had
> machine lock ups, dropped calls, awful hum on the lines etc.
> I've got a couple of high quality (4000x3000 17mb JPG or 40+mb RAW) images
> if anyone wants to compare have a look - for obvious reasons I though it
> best not to post them to the list ;-)
> Cheers
> Matt
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