[Asterisk-Users] Re: Asterisk-Users List Etiquette

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jun 15 13:34:39 MST 2004

>> Before hanging up, there should be an extension reminding 
>> everyone that top posting is super duper wrong and oh so annoying.
>> I used to top post, but now I understand why it's frowned 
>> upon.  It should be avoided at all costs.
> Unfortunately, some of us just can't help it.  Some of us use this nifty
> (read: *$#&$*@*) program called Outlook (especially in the workplace), made
> by a company that doesn't care for common email ettiquete, let alone user
> preference.
> I happen to be one of those persons (although it's not a matter of the
> company's IT decisions; I just don't see how it is beneficial to use
> multiple emailers for the sake of a mailing list.  And for those that *are*
> subscribed at the workplace, note that it took a bit of effort (too much to
> write a simple message like this, IMO) to produce a properly bottom posted
> message like this (that is, if you consider the attribution without date
> "proper", which would require more copying, pasting, and lead to further
> obfuscation).
> And for those of you who don't like HTML email with  different fonts or
> colors, etc., there's this thing called CSS.  If you expect everyone else to
> use a client that bottom-posts, then I expect you to use an HTML-capable
> email client that supports CSS for accessibility.  Yes, I hear your reply,
> and you're right, switching clients is not an answer for everyone.  Deal
> with it.

thanks for your non-html and bottom posted message


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