[Asterisk-Users] Re: OT: fax obsoleted? Was: Re: Fax via email (Steve Underwood)

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Tue Jun 15 06:36:48 MST 2004

Kurt wrote:

>Old managers will change its the LaLawyershat don't
>change.  Every dam law office that I been in has at
>least one fax machine that is constantly printing
>something out.  But to say fax is dead is an
>AT&T said that about teletype service, you know 50 -
>300 baud service, years ago and then one day they
>noticed that traffic across their teletype
>seservicetarted growing.  
>If anyone is going to develop fax fufurtherthey should
>look into T.38.  All the big VoVoIPahardwareendors are
>developing or have developed T.38 on their gateways. 
>A couple examples:  CiCiscond NuNuera- Even this
>little poky cocompanyalled InInnomedias developing it
>for their SIP based ATATAs
All joking/justifiable venom aside, lawyers fit my second category of 
FAX users perfectly - lots of markup to pass around, and lots of 
documents that need a signature.

The next major round of updates to the fax stuff in spandsp should 
complete the core functions. T.38 is the next step. I build the FAX 
machine mostly as a platform for fax<->e-mail interface and T.38


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