[Asterisk-Users] building asterisk

Michael George george at auroravideosys.com
Tue Jun 15 05:09:42 MST 2004

I am trying to build asterisk and having an odd problem compiling it.  
I got the source this morning from CVS with "make update".  I then did 
a "make", but I'm getting errors in app/app_voicemail.c...

On line 155 begins a section which almost looks like patch material.  
The first line is:
<<<<<<< app_voicemail.c

and then there is some C code defining adapp and adsec, then

and some more C code defining adapp and adsec again, followed by
 >>>>>>> 1.111

Obviously this is not a small oversight as it's not even close to 
correct syntax, so it must be serving some function.  I cannot find any 
docs about it...  Perhaps this is just a marker for the user to choose 
which values those variables should have.

Anyone with any advice?


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