[Asterisk-Users] Queue then Voicemail

Andrew Kohlsmith akohlsmith-asterisk at benshaw.com
Tue Jun 15 04:20:30 MST 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 05:19, Matt wrote:

> exten => 7001,1,Answer
> exten => 7001,2,Queue(test|t|||10)
> exten => 7001,3,Hangup
> exten => 7001,102,Voicemail(u100)
> exten => 7001,103,Hangup

I'm pretty sure you want

exten => 7001,103,Voicemail(u100)
exten => 7001,104,Hangup

The help for the Queue app doesn't specify but I am going to throw out an 
educated guess that it is like Dial() where it jumps to n+101, n being the 
current step in the dialplan (2 in your example).


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