[Asterisk-Users] collaboration with Panasonic PBX

Shoval Tomer shoval at softov.co.il
Mon Jun 14 16:05:36 MST 2004

> That's a shame- what protocol do they use? DTMF?
> http://voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+bounty+non-Bellcore-CLID

[Shoval Tomer] Analog lines can provide CallerID for a fee, but the
Analog lines card on the PBX doesn't handle it, nor does any non VOIP
PBX hardware that's sold here. Caller ID with PBXs is available only for
Digital lines.
> Do you use the TD-1232's 'T1' interface, then?
> - with what PRI card? Digium or Cisco or what?
> - does it support Q.931?
Sorry, Even though the PBX is a digital one, we don't use any digital
lines, and only a couple digital extensions. 

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