[Asterisk-Users] Spanish, Portuguese, other recordings for Allison

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Sun Jun 13 14:16:20 MST 2004

Hello -
   I am going to have Allison record some "intro" 
messages in my next round of text to her.  I'd 
like to have a consistent voice during the first 
messages at a company, even if the user presses 
buttons that take them to a different voice for 
the alternate language.

   In other words, I'd like to have Allison say:

Thank you for calling Foo, Incorporated.  Para 
continuar en español, presione un.  If you know 
the extension of the person you wish to reach, 
dial it now.  For sales, press 3.  For... [etc.]

   The trick here is to have the leader into the 
alternate language in the same voice as the rest 
of the primary message - I don't want to have two 
people's voices in the main intro for an IVR 

   I'd like to have Allison record in her voice 
the short phrases in alternate languages, but I 
am uncertain if she has a full grasp of the 
pronunciation of these short phrase groups.  I 
would like to get someone with a good accent in 
Spanish and Portuguese to send me via email the 
following phrases as a recording (.mp3 or .wav) 
so I can have Allison mimic the accent and 
pronunciation when she records it in her own 
voice.  Since my translation is limited to 
babblefish, I won't even translate here what the 
words should be - you're the native speaker, you 
tell me what it should sound like.  :-)

For [Spanish, Portuguese, etc.], press
To continue in [Spanish, Portuguese, etc.], press
star [the star key, or whatever word is used for that key]
pound [the pound, or hash, key or whatever word is used for that key]

Other Western European languages are welcome, 
though I expect Allison may have a tough time 
with languages if they are distant from English.

As usual, these will be made publicly available to the Asterisk community.


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