[Asterisk-Users] *** Asterisk Sunday News: Off track with 1.0, moving forward

Nicholas Bachmann asterisk at not-real.org
Sun Jun 13 09:37:01 MST 2004

Olle E. Johansson wrote:

> The decision is to base the future 1.0-release on the CVS head tree.
> The current "stable-1.0" tree will be released as something intermediary,
> maybe 0.91, and at that point it will be considered end-of-life.
> At some point when we have cleared the bug tracker from major issues, we
> will fork a new stable-1.0 tree and start working on that.
> As a community, we now need to focus on solving all the bugs in the 
> CVS head
> tree. We need help, Mark Spencer can't handle all bugs by himself. So 
> when
> reporting bugs, make sure you are available for questions and testing.
> Any patches in the bug tracker that you can test, test. Report your 
> findings
> to the bug tracker, both good and bad. 

Does Asterisk have a test plan for releases?  It seems like if there was 
a plan for testing that people could carry out (in a distributed 
manner), our releases might not have so many quirky bugs.  Most testing 
can be automated; only some would have to be done in an interactive 
manner with real people.


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