[Asterisk-Users] cdr_addon_mysql.c

Caspar Arquint stonebeat at eml.cc
Sat Jun 12 17:12:36 MST 2004

Ed Devine wrote:

>Following the latest * CVS update, my MySQL was broken. 
>Following the update, Asterisk-addons would compile fine, but when I ran
>asterisk I got the following error:
>ERROR[1202489024]: cdr_addon_mysql.c:203 mysql_log: Failed to insert
>into databas
>I then tried using the patch (bug id 0001823) from bugs.digium.com, and
>found that Asterisk-addons would no longer compile, giving me the
>following errors:

I don't know, if it helps, but I also had some problems compiling 
cdr_addon_mysql.c, recently. To finally solve it that's what I did:

1) mkdir /tmp/A; cd /tmp/A
2) logged in to cvs
3) cvs checkout asterisk asterisk-addons
4) cd asterisk-addons
5) adjust the CFLAG section in the Makefile to look as follows:
6) then run make


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