[Asterisk-Users] Call Relaying

Brett Nemeroff brett at utex.net
Sat Jun 12 14:37:15 MST 2004

The DISA application is traditionally for this functionality.
But beware, anything that give outside users the ability to
make calls can be abused. 

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>Subject: [Asterisk-Users] Call Relaying  
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>Hello All,
>I have a small * server in my home office with several IP
phones. The
>system is not fully in service yet as I'm still hunting for a
>effective FXO adapter that I can rely upon for my two primary
>That said, I'd like to move it into service for another
>application...which brings up a question.
>I'd really like to stop making international calls from my
cell phone
>when I'm travelling. Can someone point me to an example of
>logic that accepts an incomming call on a known connection
then allows
>the caller to access local dialtone to make an international
>I have a DID from VoicePulse Connect which I don't really use
for much.
>I could make that the gateway so that all calls comming in on
that DID
>have access to outbound dialing. I could also screen the
>callerid so that only my or my wife's cell phones get validated.
>Anyone have something comparable that I might look at as a
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