[Asterisk-Users] 2 NuFone lines- which one to dial out on

Simon Dorfman EmailLists at SimonDorfman.com
Sat Jun 12 05:26:50 MST 2004

On 6/12/04 6:56 AM, "steve at daviesfam.org" <steve at daviesfam.org> wrote:

> You don't really have 2 nufone lines - you have two Nufone numbers.
> You can send as many outbound calls as you like to Nufone - just
> Dial(IAX2/...) away.

Do you know if the same is true with inbound calls?  Let's say I have an 800
number with nufone and I have 10 Snom phones hooked up to *.  If 10 people
call in 10 seconds, assuming I have * configured correctly, can all 10 Snom
phone users pick up and answer the 10 calls?
Simon in New Orleans

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